Wolfdog Enclosure

Saxon, our wolfdog, lives in a purpose built enclosure, which was completed in 2014. The enclosure has undergone radical changes, starting life way back in the 1990s as the original Capuchin enclosure. Over the years, it has been adapted and extended to house new residents before becoming Saxons home when he came to us in 2012.

The first picture shows the orignal wooden enclosure, (which had already been extended for the expected arrival of our Pumas Kira and Storm). The second picture shows Storm proudly sitting in his favourite spot in a completely revamped enclosure. The final pictures show you the new look as it stands in 2016, when it has been extended forward and split level viewing windows have been added.

If you look closely at the next to last picture, you can just make out Saxon waiting as he sees "mommy", (aka Jenny the director), coming into view. (Quaver our singing dog is also getting in on the act!).

The final picture shows Saxon posing for the camera, handsome chap isn't he?