How You Can Help

The '2017' Project

Tropical house. This is our most ambitious project yet and is estimated to cost as whopping £50,000.

In the very early stages of planning, if permission is granted and the huge amount of funding is raised, the tropical house will be home to:

All of our reptiles , our marmoset family, our capuchin monkeys (Brian and Bim). All will have bigger, better enclosures and the primates will have new outdoor areas. Brian’s current house is now one of our oldest enclosures at 17 years and is way past due for replacement. This is a massive , but essential project. The new reptile area will include a small foster area for reptiles we cannot permanently house. This holding area will be a temporary home for unwanted reptiles while we find them forever homes.

Moving the reptiles will then allow us to renovate the current , 23 year old reptile house. This will become a small nocturnal house, becoming home to our bats, Kinkajous, giant rat and sugar gliders.

The huge project will then leave space for new, better homes for our raccoon dogs and Coatis. Might have a sleep after that!

Your donations help us to continue to provide the best quality of enhancements to enclosures and enrichment facilities we can afford as the welfare of our animals is the most important to us. Please help us, every donation, however small, is gratefully received.

How You Can Help

      Gentleshaw sadly only just manages to earn enough funds to keep running, so big projects mean extra fund raising needs to be done.

Buy a key ring, send us 2.00 and a stamped SAE, we will send you a keyring,

Adopt a reptile or animal, send us £15, you will receive a certificate, keyring and free entry to the centre, send your name and address to us together with payment (No, you don't get to take anyone home!!)

Sponsor the reptiles, perhaps your company would like a little advertising, For £20 we will send you a certificate to display at your company and your company's name will be put on display at the centre so all our visitors can see how nice you have been! (Don't forget to send your companies name with your payment)

Organise a fundraising event for us. Perhaps you fancy arranging a coffee morning, raffle or a sponsored 'something'. If you need any help please do get in touch.

Send a donation, it doesn't matter how small (although very big would be nice!!).
Book an experience. See our gifts page for details, (the experience can be paid for via the left hand paypal button on the donations page, or on the home page).