Projects 2017 - 2018


November 2017

As usual lots of improvements being made, and this time something for visitors as well as our animals!

A newly refurbished flying area gives our birds more space to exercise and a better seating area for spectators. New perches, benches and barrier are in (special thanks to Mr. ‘My wife changed her mind halfway through’ Morgan . Just a new speaker system to add and a few finishing touches and hopefully 2018 will see us able to carry out little flying displays once again.

Due to extensive water damage, we had to replace the Gift shop completely. Work is progressing well and the new gift shop, entrance and exit will hopefully be complete by February 2018.

We desperately need to extend and replace our capuchin enclosure, coati enclosure and reptile area. Time and funds will dictate which project will be done first.

Estimated costs so far are £5000 for the reptile area, including all new heating and lighting systems, a larger enclosure for our marmosets and iguanas and a lot more space for Bruce the Monitor and Sari the python.

£6000 for the Coatis, these guys need height and space. Their 18 year old enclosure has seen better days. £12,000 is the estimated cost for the capuchins. With the arrival of young Oliver, extra space and larger indoor areas are required. Brian and Bim will also benefit from an up graded heating system.

Some pictures of the project development...