Here are some Frequently Asked Questions which can be answered right here on our website.

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Q: How big is the sanctuary?

A: Gentleshaw is a small rescue centre. We have over 100 residents of various species but we are not a large zoo. Also on site is a tearoom, miniature train, garden centre and playground and mini golf. So you can spend an nice afternoon here.
Other attractions are separate business, please call the garden centre for details on prices / opening hours. 01785 851057

Q: Do you do flying displays?

A: Although the birds are exercised daily, we do not do displays at set times. The birds are flown either as part of a pre booked experience (see gift ideas) or just for their own exercise. The times the birds fly vary on a daily basis.

Q: Is the sanctuary under cover?

A: No, we have a small reptile area which is inside but most of our little sanctuary is outside. If it’s raining, best bring an umbrella ... and your wellies!

Q: Do you re home any of your animals?

A: We rarely re home any of the more exotic animals we take in as many require licensed homes, and alternative homes would have to be able to provide better and larger enclosures before we would consider letting them go.
However, due to our small size, we can neither taken in, or permanently house every animal we get asked to care for. Therefore we do re home reptiles and birds of prey.
If you would like to offer a home, please email the sanctuary and we will send you a rehoming application form.
Homes are vetted and you must be able to show you can care for the animal. Most commonly looking for homes are European eagle owls, Barn owls, Corn snakes, Bearded dragons and terrapins.
Contact us to see who’s looking for a home.
If you ARE interested in providing a safe, secure and permanent home, you may choose to download our rehoming form HERE (pdf).

Q: Can we bring our dog?

A: Dogs are permitted in the garden centre but NOT into the sanctuary. Our residents are used to our own canine staff (whom you will meet on your visit) but are wary of strange dogs. Please call in advance if you have a an assistance dog.

Q: Do you offer group discounts / free carers admission?

A: Raising funds for the charity run sanctuary is a constant battle. In order to help us cover ours costs and keep everyone’s admission as low as possible, we do not offer discounts on our already low admission or free admissions for groups or carers.

Q: Can we feed the animals?

A: Gentleshaw is home to a variety of exotic / wild animals and birds of prey. Their specialist diets mean we do not allow general members of the public to feed them.
However, as of 2013, we have introduced a Zoo Keeper experience where you may help to feed some of the animals, at the discretion of the Zoo Director and experience supervisor.
(See our gift ideas section - Click Here

Q: Do you have any vacancies / do you take on work experience?

A: Please refer to our Volunteer section from the 'Contact Us' section - Click Here

Q: Are you open to the public / What are your admission fees / what are your opening times?

A: Please refer to the 'About Us' page - Click Here

Q: What animals do you have?

A: Take a look around our Gallery pages, (Click Here), for some of our residents.
Not all our residents are on there, so why not come along and see our birds and animals for yourselves?
Note that we do not provide a list of every individual animal and species at the centre, but the gallery pages should show you the diverse range of available you will see when you come to visit us.

Q: Can schools come and visit the centre?

A: Yes, we have a small classroom available for visiting schools or groups.
We are able to cater for around 30 children on a visit.
The cost will be £6.00 per child with teachers being free.
The cost includes entry to the sanctuary, activity packs and keeper talks.
Duration of your visit can be anything from half an hour to 5 hours and
the content of your visit can be tailored to fit in with your subject.
(Nocturnal, rainforests, predators etc).
Please note: Group visits must be pre booked

Q: Do you do school talks / Is there a fee for your talks?

A: We also offer other display options such as:

School Talks :  £120 for up to 2 x 45 minute sessions / half a day (plus mileage)
or £220 for up to 4 x 45 minute sessions / whole day (plus mileage)

Group Talks, (such as local societies and photography clubs): £100 (plus mileage )

Children's parties at the centre £75.00 including admission for up to 10 children and 2 adults, (admission fee for larger groups).
A 20 minute presentation during which the birthday child will get the chance to meet a bird up close.

Residential home / nursery visits 30 minute informal visit with 4 animals / birds is £75 plus mileage.

Static Displays, (birds are displayed but not flown) : £150 plus mileage for up to 4 hours, £280 for up 8 hours.

We bring 5 different birds of prey and a reptile to the talks. Information on the individual species, habitats, diet etc and information on the work of Gentleshaw is given during the talk.  The audience will also get the opportunity to see some of the birds.

Mileage is charged at 45p per mile.
All displays are covered by insurance and any required licenses.
More information is available from the Centre

Q: Do you do Bird Of Prey Experiences?

A: Take a look in our 'Gift Ideas' section - Click Here