Thought I would start telling people about our fundraisers/ events we have at the sanctuary and the fun we have, or not, depending on our "lovely" weather!

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Training sessions with the birds of prey take place daily.

Yes, we got involved with the icebucket challenge several years ago!

The MG club came for a visit.

Some lovely images taken by Russell Mander during a photography course at Trentham gardens.

'Camping out' 2011

We had a Royal themed fun day on May 1st. Lots of stalls and bunting everywhere! Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped out, especially Lindsey who ended up with a sun burnt face, complete with glasses marks! Hope your feeling better Linds, the things we do! The stalls helped us to raise £197 so that was a great efforts form everyone.
We decided it would be fun to have a staff get together and sleep over following the fun day. We had several tents on the flying area. Sleeping in the middle of a zoo and with Carpenter Ken and Camera Keith supplying the chilli con carne for dinner, it promised to be a noisy, and possibly smelly, night! We had a lovely time, as did the monkeys and Kinkajous who got extra company and an evening of entertainment. treacle the tawny owl and Buster the Lynx were thrilled to have an audience, Treacle Serenaded us for the early eveing with greatest Tawny hits of the 90s. Buster then began his chat up lines for local lady lynx at 4:20am, nice! It was a real pleasure to look around the camp fire and see what a great bunch of dedicated people we have around us. Thanks guys, xxxx

How many zoo keepers does it take to put up a tent?

Gentleshaw wildlife centre, class of 2011, a motley bunch! Shaun was an extra from the Matrix!
All the family enjoying the camping
Ging -gang-gooley...
Happy campers suffering from frost bite,
No one got any sleep, did they Ken? Who's snoring weigh out did anything Buster the Lynx could produce!

P.A.H. Wolverhampton

We were kindly invited to Wolverhampton Pets at home store on May 4th to collect donations .

We met the very lovely Neil Jackson, from Wolf radio who was presenting his show from the store.

He kept us smiling all day and Jack the Harris hawk really took a shine to him.

Thanks to Neil and the staff and customers at Wolverhampton Pets at home for their support.


Halloween Day & Autumn Fair

We had a halloween fun day, unfortunately the weather was not brill and we only rasied a few pounds.

Treacle did some posing and I found out my brother in law is an expert Pumpkin carver (thanks Ant)!!

A more successful event was our first ever Autumn fair on 6th November.
We had lots of stalls and had free admission for the day. The sun was shining and we raised £200.

Thanks to everyone who hired or manned stalls.
Mom crocheted her finger to the bone…..

Katie ran or rather ate, the sweet stall....
Muffin ran the pet stall and Lindsey stocked and manned the craft stall, and yes Linds, I can see you!

The chairman and pancho the parrot ran the bric a brac stall, which was doing well until my Husband rolled up and discoverd he had stocked the stall and had to buy his own stuff back!

Well, its all for a good cause. . .

Photography day - Sunday, September 19th

We charged a fee for photographers to come and spend the morning taking picture of some of our birds in natural settings and the afternoon taking pictures of some of the birds in flight.

There is a lovely big field behind us which we flew the birds in. Maggie the Harris hawk decide she would rather not fly there and flew back into the sanctuary!

Apache the Great grey, who had been flying beautifully out there all week, refused to budge and inch.

Flint the Barn owl, who lives with our chairman, choose to only do ‘over the shoulder’ shots but apart form that the day seemed to go well.

See picture, courtesy of Keith ‘I get me Harris hawks mixed up’ Johnson, of treacle, being terribly handsome in a tree.