apache_lo.jpg 'APACHE' (Great grey owl)

Apache was bought in to the centre to join the display team.
Unfortunately Apache is a scaredy owl and only likes to stay at the centre.
She also refuses to fly if there are any gliders in the air.

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'Comet' (Kestrel)

Comet joined the display team in June 2011. She is a very sweet, confident bird. Comet flies both to the glove and to the lure. She is a sensible and calm girl, unlike BB, who is a younger and much more excitable kestrel.

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yerevan_lo.jpg 'YEREVAN' (European Eagle Owl)

Yerevan is a big bird, but very well behaved.
She is a great flyer, but her brakes are not so good.
The European Eagle Owl is the largest species of Owl and Yerevan wieghs as much as a small Eagle!

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'JILL' (Harris Hawk)

Jill was hatched in 1993.
She has been part of the flying displays for many years and was one of Robís favourite birds. Jilly is always a firm favourite with the audience.

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Elsie hatched on the 10th January 2002, she was hand reared and now flys in the displays.
She is very chatty and a real character. Elsie is one of our true stars.

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