bodie_lo.jpg Bodie (Common Buzzard)

Bodie arrived in 2011. He was bought in by his inexperienced owner who’s pair of Buzzards had bred but were eating the youngsters.
He did not want the youngster as he had no idea how to care for it. Bodie was just a few days old when he arrived.

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Grouse (Peregrine Barbary Hybrid)

Grouse arrived in November 2010. His owners felt he needed more time spending with him. Grouse has excellent manners and loves to fly. Due to the sanctuary’s limited space, and Grouse’s High speed, he is exercised in a nearby field. His flying is wonderful but his hunting skills less so, the only thing Grouse has ever caught was a bread wrapper! His now affectionately known to his friends as Warburton.

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treacle_lo.jpg Treacle (Tawny Owl)

Since joining the flying squad in 1999, Treacle now stars in some of our displays and visits schools.
Treacle loves a bath, especially when its raining!

Tawny Owls live in Britain in the woodlands, theirs is the 'hooting' you normally hear at night.

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CHIP (Asian brown wood owl)

Chip is the most bad tempered bird ever to live at Gentleshaw!
He does not like people and you can often see him fluff himself up to make himself seem bigger.
He also snaps his beak which makes a loud clicking noise to make sure people know just how grumpy he is!

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viktor_lo.jpg Vicky (White Faced Owl)

Vicky was no longer required when her owners gave up keeping birds of prey. Vicky was Victor until she laid an egg in 2013!

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Barley (Barn Owl)

Barley was a 'surprise' of 2013 when she appeared courtesy of her very old dad Pilgrim, (who has sadly since passed away).
She is a lovely looking owls and stars in our displays and experiences.
Echo moved in with Pilgrim several years ago. She became homeless when her owner moved house.
She is an older owl, estimated to be around 20. We did Not wish to breed Barn owls due to the huge amount already in captivity, However Pilgrim and Echo had other plans!
The release of captive bred Barn owls into the wild is strictly licensed to ensure the welfare of the birds.

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