Projects 2016 - 2017

June 2016

As always lots of project and improvements being made. This year we are hoping to refurbish some of our now rather old aviaries. So far we have replaced Elsie the Mackinder’s, The spotted owls and our very important secluded aviaries. These secluded aviaries are off show and are used to house wild casualties whilst they are being cared for.
The ever hard working (tea drinking and moaning when I change my mind) Ken and Keith are currently half way through replacing one of our European eagle owl aviaries. The largest species of owl in the world, and sadly the most commonly kept as pets, these guys need as much space as we can provide for them.
Later this year we hope to have a newly refurbished nature walk thanks to funding from the Postcode lottery. Our renovated flying area is getting there and is much better for the most important users, the birds themselves, meaning they have more space to exercise in.

Plans are now being drawn up for a new tropical house. Providing permission is granted, this will provide bigger, better homes for all of the reptiles, the Marmoset monkey family and Brian and Bim the capuchins. The latter being long overdue and very important.

This huge project will cost a whopping £50k so if there are any generous millionaires out there, donations welcome!!

Some pictures of the project development...